Dexter: The Avenging Angel Serial Killer

Dr. Scott Bonn, Doc Bonn,Serial Killer Expert


Is Dexter, the lead character in Showtime’s hit TV series, a good guy or a bad guy? The answer is that he is both and it is that factor that drives his public appeal. He is a sociopathic serial killer who lives by a moral code instilled by his father: he only kills really bad guys who the criminal justice system seems unable to prosecute.

Therefore, Dexter is quite similar to the enigmatic vigilantes played by Clint Eastwood in movies like “High Plains Drifter.” The public loves to root for the troubled and damaged vigilante who breaks the law, and even kills, but does so in the name of justice and the common good. Dexter has a powerful visceral appeal and the public loves to eat popcorn and cheer him on, much as our parents and grandparents cheered on the Lone Ranger in movie theaters as children on Saturday afternoons. Go Dexter!

Listen to my interview about Dexter and Serial Killers on LifeBites with host Nina Boski:

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  1. The problem with Dexter is that he is no longer just killing those that escape the criminal justice system. He is now purposely stalling and misleading investigators so he can kill the suspects himself. This seems against “Harry’s code” to me, and I’m curious if the writers will explore this angle.

  2. Good point, Jason. Dexter is evolving which, by the way, is not uncommon among serial killers. He may becoming more of a risk taker in order to fulfill his own emotional needs.

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